Saturday, August 27, 2011


Its raining in all its glory in Chennia!!! So here is a poem inspired by that romantic mood created by the rain and its sudden appearance!!!
(yes.. i m writing stuff related to romance!!! believe it!!!) ;) lol

Seated by the window, gazing into the distance;
Unknowingly a smile spreads across my face…
The twinkle in my eye and the joy in my heart;
Gives away that my mind is lost in an entirely different place!

How wonderful were the days, how lovely were the nights;
Special was every moment the time you came to visit…
The way I looked at you, the way you touched my face, the way I danced around;
Oh how very much I miss it!

Every day I say a li’l prayer, every moment I make a wish;
To let today be the day, oh please, the day you come back to me…
The day you take my hand in yours, the day you wrap me in your arms;
The day you drench me in your love, and let the whole world see!

I see the clouds darkening and hear thunder shout out loud;
I smell the sweet fresh earth, a sign that you’re on your way…
It’s just a matter of time before we meet, ‘fore I’m hypnotised by your charm;
Oh my ONLY LOVE, Oh RAIN, you’re just a heartbeat away!!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Brandishing your writing skills Like Others are Good for nothing!!!! This was my favourite and so called witty reply when I was asked my opinion about blogging or when friends asked why I did not already have a blog. Blogging according to me was for “show offs”. People who wanted to boast that they could write well. My rationale.. If you didn’t wanna show off then why put it on a public forum? Why don’t you simply pen your thoughts in a diary?? Or simply type it out in your pc and leave it there?? Blogging was definitely an attempt to show off, I concluded!! It did sound a bit over the top especially  coming from someone like me, someone who never missed an opportunity to show off by creating her own-but-mostly-pathetic acronyms (line 1 stands testimony) or making everything from good morning to good night messages rhyme (though it can hardly be termed poetry). Then why was I so allergic to blogging? Why, inspite of being someone who always had something to say, did I not blog??

 Bee.ell.oh.gee. BLOG… A 4 letter word that made me cringe (and believe me, I am quiet tolerant or let’s say friendly to a lot many offensive 4 letter words in the English language). To me the very word seemed offensive from the very first time I heard it. The image that this 4 letter word created was that of some green gooey substance that came out of your nose when you had a cold or a mass of untouchable, “unsmellable” and most certainly uneatable substance. Blogspot sounded like a place where all of this goo was dumped or accumulated, more like a dumping yard. It didn’t help that people were talking about it all over the place. Anyone and everyone who had an email account and could type seemed to be having a blog. That’s probably when I decided, that’s it. I am never ever going to blog.

Truth be told, all that was my attempt to avoid being in a position in which I or my writing skills would be judged by others. But I would like to claim that I just never found real time for it. I never really found myself jobless enough and driven to a point where I would sit and count the number of lizards on the wall in order to while away time. But today, sitting in a cozy corner of a room, with the rain thundering outside, looking at a light yellow gecko and a dark brown lizard competing to eat an awfully ugly houseful, I realised, blogging cannot be worse than this!!! So let’s give it a try and show off a bit too. Therefore…. Here I stand, taking my first step into this green blob of gooey stuff hoping that I can walk my way through it and not land flat on my face!!! ;) ;) ;)

(I’m hoping that you will hold my hand as I manoeuvre through the slippery blob. Feel free to comment on anything I say here. It’s your chance to show off that you know more than me... init??? ;) )